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About Us

We are a company specialized in providing logistic services, transporting goods and customs clearance. Since it was founded by “Ibrahim Madhouni” in 1960, it has been able to gain the trust of a distinguished group of customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the company’s establishment on the realization of the pivotal role that shipping and transport plays in Concepts of economic sustainability, which is why the methodology of work in support of logistics services emerged.

Social Responsibility

Use of tools and means that reduce environmental damage to a minimum.

Integration with Vision 2030 and partly contribute to achieving sustainable development for all.

Introducing new concepts for the safety of workers in the profession of loading and unloading in general that enhance their safety


Working hard in conjunction with Vision 2030 and the ability to face its challenges, in order to raise the level of services we provide to the maximum, to suit our experience and keep pace with the evolving stage that the country is going through.

Our Objectives

Establishing a professional integrated platform for logistics services on a large scale, covering all land, sea and air ports of the Kingdom, and providing its services according to the latest international standards in safety and quality.

Our Values

  • Commitment: by meeting the requirements of our customers and helping them create their successes.
  • Innovation: We go with innovation to untouched areas, to constantly improve our performance and technologies.
  • Trust: The basis of our work is mutual trust, because whoever sows commitment reaps trust.
  • Quality: We adopt international standards to reach the maximum level of development of our services.

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